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Missing Fingers a Childhood Memory - Yakuza and NISSAN are Connected.

Larry when I was a little girl my mom took me to restaurants in San Francisco and a lot of the men were missing fingers.. it was "creepy"....YAKUZA!!!

She also took me to a cockfight in Thailand. Sir, the humane society wants to make taking a child to a cockfight illegal.  

Mr. Page: PLEASE tell your friends in DC to NOT make it retro active...

The Yakuza are open about their existence, unlike the American Mafia or ChineseTriads, and members consequently openly display characteristic emblems indicating their affiliations. They typically have irezumi, tattoos covering their entire back, or missing fingers from a penance ritual called yubitsume, where portions of a finger are cut off and presented to a superior.

"The background to the first group is that two crime groups in western Japan (the Kyushu Seidokai and the Dojinkai) have been carrying out a private war among themselves for a long time and there's been incidents in which members of the public have been shot by mistake.
I won't make a joke like ... "Even in Japan they think everyone looks alike".... that would not be politically correct...

Larry Did YOU know that the NISSAN CEO is connected to Organized Crime?
I blogged about it a LONG time ago and if I was wrong someone would have told me...

Here's the latest update....

Below was found on a   blog.... explains that NISSAN is used by Yakuza as "cover"

So many have told me that Carlos Ghosn is connected to Yakuza, & the Russian Mafia.

Check this out the guy in Japan in charge of Justice is connected to Yakuza too....  

I even blogged 18 months ago that the NISSAN  CEO Carlos Ghosn helped Japan in keeping the "nuclear weapons grade" stuff silent.  THAT is not classified and the US gave Japan a "bye"... Still Japanes does business with IRAN.
Maybe "that" is why they are cutting their Iranian oil imports?

Since Mr. Tavares worked at NISSAN Motors and the clients that "feared" me & ripped off America with "outdated" technology were from France  Renault and Japan  NISSAN I've got to look into a lawsuit against them.  On Behalf of the American taxpayers.  It's time NISSAN confessed the technology is from the 90's the C.A.R.B. days...

Now I to contact Given 20 prominent Japanese Law Firms.  It's GLOBAL Fraud!!!!    
Luckily I have Delta Miles.... Gonna Fly Business class.

Can someone at the DOJ Investigate?

NISSAN does deals in IRAN... are they "really" the partner Steven Chu wants?

Yakuza is REAL.... 

Yakuza and Business

 The yakuza have infiltrated banks, large corporations and stock traders. According one estimate almost half all yakuza members are involved in business crime or legitimate businesses. One yakuza expert told the Washington Post, "They have spread the power to every corner of society. Wherever there is money there is yakuza." 
 When the Japanese economy grew, the yakuza expanded and move away from small time debt collection and pimping into more profitable white collar crimes such as extortion, fraudulent stock trading and shady real estate dealings. The yakuza has made millions of dollars from legitimate business such as stock trading and the running of restaurants in Honolulu, Paris and Buenos Aires. In 1999, one gangster owned one million Japan Airlines shares. A group of gangsters founded their own bank in California. 
 Police have identified more than 800 yakuza front companies in Tokyo alone. They include investments and auditing firms, construction companies and pastry shops. In many ways the yakuza white-collar gangsters are like regular businessmen until thing don't go their way and they threaten violence. 

Yakuza, the Stock Market and Companies

 The yakuza have a significant presence in Japanese financial markets. Japan’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission knows of at least 50 major companies with ties to organized crime. The yakuza has reportedly deeply infiltrated companies listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange. Authorities have raised the idea of reviewing all listed companies and expelling those with mob ties. 
 Japanese corporations routinely deal with gangsters and sokaiya (corporate extortionists) and pay off losses to valued clients. A Japanese economic professor told AFP, "A lack of corporate morality is one of the most pressing problems the country has to tackle." 
 By misusing the credit guarantee system for small and mid-size companies, two members of the Yamaguchi-gumi crime syndicate swindled 20 financial firms out of $48 million. Nationwide gangsters probably swindled tens of million more using the same or similar schemes. 
Below was found on a   blog.... (might be fiction) BUT it explains how NISSAN could be used by Yakuza as "cover"....

-Arriving in Hawaii-

Most of the journey to Hawaii on the container ship filled with methamphetamine, Shin and Toshikazu sat in the galley of the ship talking to one another and having a meal. They were both dressed in the same outfits as the ships crew and wouldn't be questioned by the American Coast Guard. The ship had legitimate paperwork and the cargo that the American officials thought the ship carried was Nissan automobiles. The Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza had gained much of its power from corporate extortion and reaped many benefits from the corporations. They could be used to smuggle just about anything to and from America. As the boat arrived in Hawaii, the American Coast Guard boarded and completed their usual routine search. Checked the paperwork, looked over the cargo, and waived the boat through. 

As the ship docked the crew began unloading half of the cargo, only that containing the methamphetamine. The meth was hidden away in the trunks of the Nissans which where all wrapped individually in large wooden boxes. Cranes from the port where used to take the boxes from the ship off and place them in warehouses on the docks. The meth contained in those cars would be taken out and placed on a seperate ship to take it to the American mainland. As this all happened Shin and Toshikazu sat down in the galley waiting for it to be finished. They were a bit nervous about being on board with several million dollars worth of meth but the plan was solid. As the specified cargo was removed from the ship, more was put on. This cargo was American firearms to be sent back to Japan. It was hidden within shipments of American goods such as tools and clothing. Once the ship was fully loaded, it continued on its way to Long Beach California. 

-Arriving in Long Beach-

The ship went through the same routine as it did when it arrived in Hawaii. The paperwork was looked over and the Coast Guard did a half-assed search of the cargo. A ship from Nissan came just about every other day and they've never had any previous problems so like usual they just waived them through. As the ship docked in Long Beach, more cranes came alive and worked to get the cargo off. This time Shin and Toshikazu got off the ship and were escorted to one of the semi-truck that would be hauling some of the Nissans off. They rode in the front of the semi behind which had space for a small overhead bed and resting area for the driver. They talked shortly to the driver who was a Japanese immigrant working for Nissan. This semi would drop them along with the shipment off in Reno, Nevada at a Nissan dealership. Back in Kobe the Oyuban Kazuo Taoka had acquired paperwork from a corporate officer of Nissan for two of the vehicles, a 350 Z and an Armada. 

Once the Semi arrived in Reno, Shin kang-gyu and Toshikazu Matsuzaki exited the cab of the semi and waited for the vehicles to be unloaded. In his hands Shin was holding onto the black bag and the breifcase. The manager of the Nissan dealership came out to greet the men and watch as the vehicles were unloaded. Each car was inspected in the garage and was given gas. Shin presented the paperwork for the Z and the Armada to the manager and within minutes they were each presented a set of keys.

Shin: Sir, I thank you for your patience in this matter and I wish you the best of luck with your dealership, I will keep in touch.

Kang-gyu placed the black bag and the briefcase into the back of the Armada and shut the trunk door. He and Toshikazu had a short talk on where they would have dinner and what to do from here. Shortly afterward both cars left the car dealership. The Boryokudan Yakuza has arrived in Reno...

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