Monday, February 25, 2013

Larry - The People in Tennessee HATE Me. Guess They Do NOT Like the TRUTH. That and They LOVE Their Guns. FYI- I Don't Want to Ban Em... I Want Background Checks. It's Called COMMON SENSE!!!

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat 's Gun Views Gathered 2901 Page Views in Less Than 12 Hours. Topic a Recent Closing of an ENTIRE School District Due To Janitor Missing After He Fired a Gun: Red State Parents FEAR Gun Control & Have Lost Logic: Moderates Don't Want to Ban Guns We Want BACKGROUND CHECKS…. It's Obvious Tennesseans Refuse to Listen - Maybe Jeb Bush Can Put CRITICAL THINKING Into His Education Reform
Date: February 25, 2013 11:09:31 AM CST
To: People that Can Make a Difference 

Usually on this blog I get 150 
page views a day.  On average with
all my blogs I get 1500-2000 page
views a day.  i had over 2500 in less 
than 2 hours last night. 

GUNs are HOT

Feb 24, 2013, 56 comments


Below are copies of comments from Tennessee Parents about Teachers with Guns and Mental Health Checks etc. 

Also the comments show how the people here KNOW who i am and they hate me.  I've been slandered by NISSAN executives that committed fraud.  Those people that wasted taxpayer money wanted me discredited.  Management "let" it happen.I want OUT of Tennessee. I applied for a job with the CIA & in case they don't want someone that knew people that were connected to Post WW2 CIA backed drug trafficking (that were connected to the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn & Hezbollah) ALSO I'm working on my resume & plan on doing opposition research consulting.  ALL I want is OUT of this state. The red people can have it all to themselves.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Larry- Can You Tell Your Friends in the Obama Administration to Swap North Korea for Cuba on Terrorist List. Thank You!!!

North Korea has a NUKE and is NOT Terrorist Nation List?

George W. Bush struck North Korea from the list in 2008, according to the Boston Globe.

CUBA is?

The Boston Globe reported Thursday that high-level U.S. officials have concluded thatCuba no longer fits the definition of a state sponsor of terror and should be removed from the list, which only includes three other countries -- Iran, Sudan and Syria. Kerry is reviewing the policy and has discussed it with officials, the paper reports.
Pictures of Cubans Living in Terrorist Nation

Pictures of North Korea NOT a Terrorist Nation

  1. Why did North Korea explode a nuclear device?

    Christian Science Monitor ‎- 2 days ago
    Despite - or perhaps because of - strong international pressure, North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test to date. Now analysts say ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Larry - We Have to STOP Hezbollah YOU Can Help.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Carlos Ghosn's Hezbollah Ties MUST Be Questioned By Congress & Sarkozy Cheerleader Alain Juppe Will Know About the Lockerbie Cover Up…. Ask Him. Rehashing the French/Michelin Iran Contra Connection. A Copy of an Email About Strauss Kahn Doing Illicit Gold Trades With Bars from PIIGS Countries.
Date: February 20, 2013 12:16:31 PM CST
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Anita Househam <>,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jonathan Collegio <>, Amelia Chasse <>, Brandon Howell <>, Arthur Brooks <>,, Patrick Hynes <>,, info Nuclear Iran <>,,,
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>, "" <>


I'm just waiting for the Lockerbie Truth.  Does anyone have a timeframe?

Just got some info tying Iberdrola to the Lockerbie "profiteers"....  

The people that profited from the Lockerbie cover up are connected to Post WW2 activities. There are MANY layers of involvement, so I'm saying that many involved with the cover up were being patriotic or doing what they were told to do.  I STRONGLY believe that the NISSAN CEO whose from Lebanon and whose dad played a role in Operation Condor and who had CIA at his company Michelin in Brazil in 1985-1986 will know EXACTLY who bombe the plane.  I was told 'you could NOT do a cover up of the magnitude UNLESS you knew ALL the details..'  

I've been terrorized for over 3 years.  It's important that what happened to me does NOT happen to anyone else THAT is why the truth needs to be exposed. Had NISSAN not "outed me" I never would be emailing you and I must do so because I'm scared.  People that knew about the Lockerbie cover up disappeared.  I have a child and want to see her grow up.  Sadly those that had children on Pan Am flight 103 NEVER got that opportunity.

Mr. Ghosn currently owns a winery in the Bekka Vally the fact is Lebanon is very "cliquey" and to be a success you have to support Hezbollah.  Can someone INVESTIGATE?

Sharyn Bovat

"As the Bekaa valley is now firmly in the hands of Hezbollah and beyond the control of the weakening central government of the besieged Lebanese State, the news agencies who report on that part of the world are curiously silent about what many people do in the Bekaa valley to make a living, who profits from these activities and where do the profits go..."

Hezbollah - Terrorist Organization Profile - START - National ...

Hezbollah was founded in 1982 in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley by Shia clergyman educated in Iran, and it subsumed a number of Lebanese Islamic groups.

NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn (a 2nd generation Condor Profiteer) who "most likely" assisted the CIA in the 80's in covert activities is NOW exposed.  This happened because his people in America  outed me.  
They made the "relocation consultant" the # 2 Security Risk & have TERRORIZED me for OVER 3 years.... I've had death threats, been stalked and have been jailed on trumped up charges..   I'm fighting back.   

Nissan Whistleblower: Ghosn's Global Green Crony Condor Capitalist

Jul 8, 2012 – Many Latin America Condor Profiteers are connected to the former ...bankers that are connected to post Operation Condor regime elitist are evil twisted people . ... The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn (a 2nd generation Condor ...

Here's a snap shot of part of an email from a member of the global intelligence community

 the below excerpt from the UK Independent 

The trouble with Sarkozy: a powerful group want him back, but is he ...

The Independent-Feb 19, 2013
A solemn attempt will be made in Paris to raise from the dead the fallen champion of the French right. The “friends of Nicolas Sarkozy” – a club ...

copy of a text message between me and former top editor of Gannett Mark Silverman.


He proofed these brochures that I sent to congress 
saying IRAN was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.

Pierre Loing will know Carlos Ghosn's Iran Contra involvement... Ask Him.

Picture of  Sharyn with NISSAN executives and copy of court transcript saying I was a high level security risk.
NISSAN put my name is the cyber system as a high level threat. By doing that they outed me GLOBALLY

Because they are known as a CIA cover company.... I was terrified.  What they did was morally wrong!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Larry- If IRAN Gets A Nuke Do YOU Want it to Go Farther and Be More Accurate? If Renault Gets Technology for the "Autonomous" Car They'll Share it With the Iranian National Guard.... GOOGLE PLEASE STOP THIS!!!

Senator- Tell James Clapper That Khomeini WIll Benefit from Renault/NISSAN Silicon Valley Research Center.  Source from Pentagon Said Iranian National Gaurd Uses Car Parts for Weapons.... Using AMERICAN Technology for a Terrorist Nations "trying" to Get a Bomb is Ridicules.

My fear is NISSAN opened it NOW so they would avoid "future" sanctions/rules.
They want to be grandfathered in.  Yet- they are one of the biggest violators

Renault-Nissan Alliance opens new Silicon Valley research center

, Feb 19th 2013"Autonomous driving is a big area of interest for many automakers and technology companies around the world. Google is one of the biggest companies in the autonomous driving arena and has perhaps the largest fleet of self-driving vehicles in the world. Autonomous vehicles are able to operate themselves with no input from a human using GPS and an array of sensors....."

Search Results

  1. Renault-Nissan Alliance opens new Silicon Valley research center

    SlashGear-5 hours ago
    Automakers Nissan and Renault formed an alliance called the Renault-Nissan Alliance and opened a US research center in 2011. The two ...

  1. Shame on multi-national corporations working with Iran!

    The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. (blog)-Feb 5, 2013
    In 2011, Renault's production doubled to more than 100,000 vehicles produced ... The company lists two sales and service offices in Tehran.

Iran's car industry output falls sharply

Financial Times-Jan 23, 2013
Although Iran experienced dramatic reductions in vehicle ... costs have more than doubled over the past year because of the plunging rial. ... France's Peugeot Renault appears to be the lone European carmaker still operating in Iran... Sales of some makes of China's Chery Automobile Co, such as the...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Senator Tell James Clapper...Carlos Ghosn is in the Same Cartel as/was Sarkozy- Blair- Gaddafi- Mubarak - Bloomberg and Others. ALL I Want is the Lockerbie TRUTH and to Get My Life Back. The Corrupt People Can "Continue" if That's What YOU Want. I Don't Get it. I "Thought" the Truth Mattered. I Thought Ethics Mattered. Still the Corrupt People in Business Still Profiteer and the Lockerbie Truth is NOT Exposed. Gaddafi Was a Brutal Tyrant. It's OK We Whacked Him. Don't Feel Compelled to Keep the Lies Going. It's Time for the TRUTH. Selfish Creepy Pepole That Profited Post WW2 Have Destroyed the World. Humanity is NOW at the Lowest Point Ever, We MUST Have America Lead in the Clean Up. Our High Values Must Be Shown to the World. This is IMPORTANT

Published on Feb 18, 2013
The NISSAN Whistleblower tells Carlos Tavares She wants her reputation back. Sharyn wants to go back to work. She's stressed.. The NISSAN CEO Carlo Ghosn is connected to people linked to Sarkozy, Gaddafi & others linked to ex CIA that did weapons & drug deals. Carlos Ghosn is connected to Iran Contra from his Michelin day. Carlos Tavares knew that Sharyn came from a family connected to the Intelligence community. It was relayed to Sharyn that 3 men accused of being spies were "framed" Sharyn blogged and emailed the French consulate until they were vindicated. Then Sharyn heard that Strauss Kahn was framed. Knowing that Carlos Ghosn is connected to the Lockerbie cover up Bovat knew she was in "over her head" Sharyn is TERRIFIED. 

Recently Sharyn learned her lawyer who let "trumped up" charges sworn out by NISSAN executives continue was connected to the CIA she was horrified. Bovat's constitutional rights were taken away.

Tennessee is # 1 in corruption.
. Sharyn wants to leave the state that has allowed her to be terrorized. Judges Robbie Beal, Jeff Bivins & TIm Easter have aided a company that is on the Iran watch list and is known for aiding a terrorist nation. 

Yes!!! Nissan helps Khomeini - the taxpayers have funded a country that is trying to kill out troops.  In the courts people connected to the KKK get better treatment than Sharyn Bovat whose done NOTHING but tell the truth - besides fighting in the Cold War and saving the French- from oddly "the French"  It's beyond "twisted" and sadly it's true.

Upon learning that Tavares was related to Socrates Sharyn feels betrayed and wants Carlos Tavares to "tell NISSAN to give her back her reputation" Sharyn saved the lives of three French men that were falsely accused. NOW Sharyn wants those men to prove they have balls and INSIST that the woman that sacrificed for them get the same fair treatment,

One more thing the IRAN is ALSO responsible for the Lockerbie bombing Carlos Ghosn will know the details. Michale Bloomberg knows that a cover up happened. Sarkozy knows a cover up happened, Tony Blair knows a cover up happened, Clive Stanbrook knows that a cover up happened and I'm sure Jose Socrates knows that a cover up happened.
Why does did the American Treasury back a company that "fuels" terrorism?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Larry- Did YOU Catch the FreedomWorks Panda Bit. Leave Hillary ALONE Until After Senate Races. Women Like Her... NOT in That Way. YES!!! I Did Tell People Liberals are Good in Bed:):)


Why don't you wait until after the 2014 elections to bash Hillary.

A LOT of us moderates like her.
We think she's bright and a good role model.

Sir YOUR turning the women in purple states "off"