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Larry..... I Just Used Google To HELP Solve the Lockerbie Mystery.... I Got a Call Into a Friend.... Please Tell People to INVESTIGATE

Robert Baer 
 a former high level CIA guy that inspired the movie Syriana  believes Iran is involved with the Lockerbie bombing  worked all over the Middle East & Europe (including Lebanon & Paris). He was told in August 1993 of the  killing of CIA officer Fred Woodruff  (Mark Silverman’s neighbor) in TblisiGeorgia Woodruff (Mark’s neighbor) had been in a car driven by….the head of personal security for Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze, Subsequently, it was found that the Russian mole in the CIA, Aldrich Ames (a bad spy)  had met with Woodruff (Marks neighbor) shortly before, and had an argument

1993 is the same year I was asked about going to Georgia for a democracy trip.   Glad I did not go Aldrich Ames a bad spy was ratting out people (although he would not have know who I was or maybe not... I DO NOT KNOW WHO I WORKED FOR). 

Mark Silverman is the 2010 Ben Bradlee Winner & he met Sharyn Bovat in January 2011

Mark Silverman met Aldrich Ames at Freddie Woodruffs funeral/wake Ames had the balls to go to  Freddie’s home after he “most likely” ordered his death (Ames gave Mark a different name).  Mark said “that” was creepy.  

All “this” Middle Eastern/Russian drama is connected to France & Carlos Ghosn. Congress needs to do PUBLIC Hearings about the French involvement in Iran Contra/Lockerbie and other stuff OR congress needs to tell NISSAN to treat the Whistleblower with respect:     NISSAN I’ve got PTSD and when I was jailed I started getting “flashbacks”.   I was told for my health “this” has to get resolved. 
America, Japan, France, Nissan, Renault I  know that foreign policy stuff is twisted and people don’t get it.   It’s easier for America to keep “just Libya” as the “evil doer”.   OK Fine just tell Ghosn to CHANGE:  I’m tired of America being taken advantage of by those that participated in the Lockerbie cover up.   Too much DOE money has been wasted and too many people have had their lives harmed by Carlos Ghosn’s inhumanity.  If  Ghosn stays he better “CHANGE”.       

 "" <>
Date: December 25, 2011 2:24:12 PM CST
To: ""
Subject: This is Spooky your former CIA neighbor connected to CIA guy that thinks Iran did Lockerbie bombing



My "low level" research parallel this guy’s career.  Why?

Remember  after you told me your CIA neighbors wife learned that her husband died while you were at the movie theater watching the Clint Eastwood movie with her called "in the line of fire"  and then I asked if it was 1993 ...  We googled it was.....  Then I told you I was asked to go to Georgia for democracy thing.... I did not do it because I was still freaked out by my previous USSR trip ( FYI-having a bunch of men barge into my hotel  room in the middle of the night and strap me to a board was a little stressful, they drove me around and took me to an abandon hospital and stared at me it was horrible) .... Well this former clandestine CIA spy guy Robert Baer who’s convinced Lockerbie was done by Iran and Lebanon was in Georgia when I was asked to go.   He's (Robert Baer) is in publications commenting on your neighbor Freddie woodruff's death and it includes the Aldrich Ames stuff,   CREEPY!

I've had WAY too many viewers read my blog.  YOU’RE really nice to me.   Yes I’m adorable.
I'm just trying to figure out WHO exactly I worked for.  CIA yes but they had different "teams" in the organization (like at Nissan) my instincts say I did cultural research for various people on different teams (like at Nissan) Nothing else makes sense (like at Nissan).

Have a Great Day!

Jul 12, 2012

Proposal of Lockerbie Truth Commission. Inspired by a Chinese online post about Brazil's newest effort to provide closure to Condor victims: They Full amnesty is in place to anyone involved or profited and "that" allows for the ...

Below is from a Blog Called Tbilisi Blues....
The Elusive Gary Best

Mr. Pullara hasn’t responded to questions regarding Best’s involvement, but a glimpse at the man’s profile makes speculation fun.

At the time of Freddie Woodruff’s murder, Gary Best was in Baku setting up an incredulous oil business, MEGA Oil, with Richard Secord (of Iran-Contra scandal fame) and legendary Air Force special operations commander, Brigadier General Harry “Heinie” Aderholt. The plot line of this affair is as wacky as Best’s supposed biography and involves Missing in Action Vietnam POW’s, recruiting Mujahedin from Afghanistan to fight in Nargorno-Karabakh, along with American mercenaries, in addition to setting up the first western oil company to pump oil in Azerbaijan.

Gary Best has no known address and was a self-described electronics importer operating chiefly in Southeast Asia. He had ambiguous connections to Iran-Contra figures like Oliver North and had made several trips to the USSR and Asia, including Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 1980s. One associate was convinced Best was a CIA operative, or a former one, by the type of people he surrounded himself with.

It has also been speculated that in Best’s effort to acquire money for his adventures, he was involved in trafficking narcotics.

Aldrich Ames and the War on Drugs

If not the most famous foreign spy in American history, then Aldrich Ames was certainly the most damaging. In the nine years of spying for the Soviet Union and later Russia, as the CIA counter intelligence chief of Eastern Europe, Ames gave up the names of every “human asset” the US had working there. Of the twenty-five sources he exposed, ten were executed.

Ames was in Tbilisi two weeks before Woodruff’s murder. That means he would have been in contact with Georgian Security Chief Igor Giorgadze. Since it was Ames’ business to expose American spies, it is not unlikely he would have revealed Freddie Woodruff.

Senator Jesse Helms linked Woodruff’s murder to America’s War on Drugs in an address to Congress in April 1994. Helms believed that narcotics trafficking was the new battleground in the post-cold war era and the KGB was engaged with Cuba and Columbia in the business. He uses an article written by Mark Almond of the Wall Street Journal to back his point.

In 1990, Ames became head of the narcotics intelligence department for the Black Sea countries.

Almond stated that Woodruff was allegedly investigating Georgia’s role as a conduit of heroin from the ex-Soviet Union to the West, and that Shevardnadze’s security force – the guys Woodruff was sent to work with – were widely known in Georgia to be involved in the heroin business. If Woodruff had reported this, Ames would have been the first man in the CIA to see the report.

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