Friday, November 30, 2012

Singing In Front of the White House..... I Told My Friend Silverman This Morning Over Coffee That I Can No Longer Say "This" Can't Get Any Weirder.... Because It Keeps Getting Weirder.... NISSAN is Getting Exposed....... The Question is How Long WIll It Take for Ghosn to Go......

OK.... I'm "Losing It"... 

Why do I like the purple Furry scarfy thing?
Nice to See Silverman.... He's Agreed to Write My Book :):)  Don't Worry American Security Elite - He Knows How to "Edit" 

This is my 2nd Hotel....

Love a Nice Continental Breakfast...... Thank You National Security Legal People in DC


Picture of Robes at 1st Hotel... & the White House

FYI - To Keep Cost Down I Change Hotels EVERY Night.... Priceline has "Great" Deals After 3pm.  William Shatner is My Travel Agent

This guy worked at Hyundai- 
NISSAN-GM & NOW Fisker.  

Looks Like Ewanick might Be 
Looking for a 5th Company Soon

Battery shortage halts Fisker's Karma production

USA TODAY-8 hours ago
2:58PM EST November 30. 2012 - Fisker Automotive, maker of an innovative plug-in electric car, has stopped production and will run out of new cars by next ...

Notice "How" Renault is STILL 
Doing Business in IRAN

The National Review Has "Caught On" to the NISSAN Fraud....

Detroit Press has "tweaked" the Link to the article about Ghosn.....Why?

Below was written by Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post....  She's a "reasonable" repbublican

Blog of the Day....

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pictures From My iPhone

Larry- Hope Your Having a Great Day?

My grandfather was a DOD lawyer....  Since NISSAN "outed me".... because they feared I'd expose the Dept. of Energy fraud I had to go public. NOW I'm unemployable.   Someone needs to tell NISSAN to Mediate.... So I can "move on" with my life.  I'm thinking of getting into cyber law.                A foreign company said I Sharyn Bovat was the #2 Security Risk...  It's on court transcripts.   They did this in Franklin Tennessee.   I've been bullied, jailed, terrorized. Eric Holder is NOT doing anything.  I was told to sue civilly - I filed a lawsuit and NISSAN keeps "playing games"... they won't let any of their executives get deposed.  I could not file a False Claims lawsuit in reference to the EV fraud because NISSAN used a taxpayer backed IDB bond as the collateral for the 1.4 Billion DOE loan.  

I was "right" the NISSAN Leaf was "built to fail" ....  they took the money KNOWING the car would not be what it promised congress, they were using outdated technology, they did it because they had a "cash flw" problem.  Worse they took the money knowing they would NOT pay it back.  NISSAN shares technology with IRAN.  Their partner Renault's sales in IRAN have doubled since other companies have pulled out due to "sanctions"... Why was the Treasury bank used to fund a company that is on the IRAN watch list.  Go the the UANI website.  

In the past my "pedigree" scared lawyers to take the case - NOW because of my pedigree I have a NEW avenue. This one's gonna "piss off" people at the Japanese and French consulate.  
The fact is the fraud happened and people at the Japanese company need to Man Up.... Strange term for a company from a country that does not seem to respect women.  NISSAN I'm gonna get education on HOW to NOT let what happened to me .. a former "low level" Cold War researcher happen to anyone else.  Humanity will happen.  Doors are opening. 

Christine Healey... I have an idea for the Whistleblower amendment to the knew law.  It includes financially penalizing companies that put private information about contractors/employees into the cyber system.  NEVER should the relocation consultant had been identified in a GLOBAL companies IT network as a "threat"..... THAT action exposed me... and my family.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This Lawyer Left Me a Message Last Spring Saying He Could Get Me a Job at NISSAN... My Reaction was **** Them.... Now I'm Like OK.... If That is What it Takes to Get My Life Back..... Sure....

Yes I Would Take the TOP CSR Job.... IF I Could WOrk OUT of the Orange County Office..... & I Want a Starting Bonus = to the Renault Three Deal.  & My Child Deserves Compensation for the HELL Tennessee & NISSAN Put Her Through.   The ONLY Thing I Want is Marlin Chapman and Mark Stout GONE.... Rob Trayham Too....

So Many read the page below yesterday.... Why?

Larry - Is Someone at Google Protecting Tom Torlakson? Is He Gonna Run for Governor?


Do YOU Have another Lone Wolf?

Does Google LOVE Tom Torlakson?  

Does the Superintendent of School of California want to run for GOVERNOR?  It's the ONLY reason I can think of to have someone "tamper" with the Google....

What I blogged about was "relevant"...   

Someone is Playing with "What" Floats to the Top..... Why? 

Freedom of Speech is What America is About.   

Please Google RESPECT the Whistleblower... Stop Protecting Certain People.... Please it's for HUMANITY!!!!

I Support Gay Rights Too...