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Larry - I just Set This Email to the CIA and Others. May be James Clapper Will Tell President Obama to Tell the Truth ABout Lockerbie?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Letter to People at the UK Embassy, the CIA Press Office and People that Might Care that the Lockerbie Cover Up is UnRaveling NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Connected
Date: January 15, 2013 3:02:21 PM CST
To: "" <>, "" <>, Jonathan Collegio <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>,, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>,, "" <>, Jonathan Collegio <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Amelia Chasse <>, Andrea Uckele <>
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>

At the End of this Email is a motion that was filed in a "real" USA court saying that I Sharyn Bovat believe the Lockerbie Cover Up is Why I've suffered abuse in the Tennessee Courts and the NISSAN CEO's involvement in the cover up. I hope the UK press picks this up.  OFFICIAL COURT STAMP ON DOCUMENTS

FYI- I thought EVERYONE in the Intelligence Community knew that Bill Clinton chose Al Gore to be his running mate in 1992 because of the Lockerbie situation.  It was relayed to me that a lot of people did not know - Since I was raised by people in the Intelligence community I do not know what is "normal" to know.  Up until December 1993 my life was micro managed by people.... The only good part was It was always easy for me to get dates in the 80's and 90's if Dean Lesher or my mom did not like who I was dating something always happened (not violence- strange things).

OMG!!!  I now understand "how weird" my life was.  In 1990 a woman named Dora Kingsley became my friend & mentor. She went on to do counter intelligence stuff in the W administration. She was connected to Karl Rove. She was NOT part of the the CIA drug traffickers. It's really complicated and I do not understand it all. She used to tell people when we'd go to conferences "she was baby sitting"   ...  1993 In Dallas at a BBQ with up and coming operatives I sat next to Pete Sessions.  I did not know who he was until I made a "joke" about he spending habits of the FBI director. - he said "that's my dad"...  Dora taught me a lot about research and strategy. 

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The political operatives connected to Sal Russo were those connected to the sleazy CIA (exCIA) that were connected to drug trafficking.   If you want to know WHO killed Sonny Bono maybe you should ask him.  To be candid  - the lower level people connected to drug trafficking were fun. Although those operative seemed to have short careers.  There were times Russo operatives did work that promoted the same candidates as Rove operatives.  But that was just because we were all GOP... one happy family.  

OMG!!! Ask Sal Russo about Margaret Lesher's death.  Then ask Joe Arpaio what he knows.   Then ask Gannett WHY they never covered the stories they way they should have been reported.  Then look at Bob Dickey's bio and ask the guy at Gannett in-charge of "what goes in the news" why stories were not covered.  Also ask John Seigenthaler what he knows. The guy is old but still alive.  Maybe he wants to "set the record straight"   

FYI - Gores daddy was a Good Ole Boy & they are the ones that have been terrorizing me.  The KKK was founded by DEMOCRATS. Personally I blame Haley Barbour for the GOP losing the minority vote.  

This is IMPORTAN- George H. Bush got rid of a lot of the sleazy drug trafficking types after he became President. 

The cover up had to do with National Security & people that were involved with planning the attack were part of the cover up too.  You could NOT do a global cover up unless you had the details.  It was "most likely" those "foreigners" connected ex CIA that did drug trafficking who worked with the Iranian/Palestinians.  I do NOT know any details. 

If YOU do investigations NOW you'll get the truth.  Ask the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn on WHO did the bombing.  Then ask Al Gore about the Cover Up details.  Hillary Clinton will NOT have the same information as Gore. Someone ask questions.  You can ask Haley Barbour too.

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FYI- I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008.  My opinion of the Clintons is that their honorable people.  In 2000 I did NOT vote - both to me were unacceptable. Yet I would have voted for Jeb Bush - it's complicated. Bottom line I did not like W was too closely connected to the war mongers (people that I respected....  but they made money on going to war) BUT mostly those aligned with W were racists & they destroyed the GOP. 

Haley Barbour is not someone that I like.  His nephew told me HITLER was his strategic idol when we worked together at the 1992 RNC convention in Houston hired people that were black to "just be black"  he did NOT want them doing anything for fear they would mess things up. He then sent a bunch 
of people with empty buses to the Ghetto to get some diversity for the camera's... The feed going out to America from the convention was too WHITE.  Vouchers were given to people so they could get free food.  All they had to do was hop in a chartered bus and come to the 1992 GOP convention. Before going to Houston I had attended the LA Riots a few months prior to the convention & I thought Henry Barbour was disgusting.

OK back to the topic LOCKERBIE.

Hello - They come from the same part of the country, almost the same age, Clinton had no foreign policy experience - Gore didn't although he might have gone to Vietnam.  His dad ALBERT wanted him to have credentials to be president.  I was told by my grandfather there was a "reason" why Gore was selected (Obviously t's because of the Gore families connections to OIL) Anyway the trial "wrapped" up quickly before W was inaugurated.  The Profiteers from the deals connected to the Lockerbie cover up are NOT allies of the Clintons (except many go to Clinton Climate Conferences.  The allies that are connected to sleazy ex drug trafficking CIA are those of Gore's.   

Why would a Mossad agent want to sit next to me at a dinner last summer?  I think it was a low level one or just an ally- I did tie her to a career in Mubarak Egyptian oil industry.

Nissan Whistleblower - carlos Ghosn lockerbie - YouTube

youtube.comNEW21 hours ago - 1 min - Uploaded by sharynbovat
NISSAN Whistleblower Says Al Gore's Al Jazeera Deal is Most Likely Linked to Lockerbie Cover Up 4:06 ...

In the summer of 2011 Mark Silverman the Gannett editor who won the Ben Bradlee Award helped me "proof" brochures that I sent to members of congress. (a picture of the brochures is below) he lost his job as editor of the Tennessean a few weeks later.  That was the same time the solar company Solyndra went bankrupt.  The green fraud is connected to people that are part of the Lockerbie Cover Up..... They got the great DOE loans and stimulus money. Just because a CEO helped do a cover up should NOT let the break the law.  Carlos Ghosn broke the law.

The brochures state that Iran is responsible for the Crash of Pan Am flight 103.  I sent them CERTIFIED.  NOW I have a Motion file with in the Tennessee  courts saying the "same" thing.  A Filed document in the USA states that Bovat believes charges were trumped up because of the NISSAN CEO's connection to the cover up

Words from the motions:

"....Bovat has sent a complaint to US Senator Dianne Feinstein & the CIA IGO (attached a copy) & is seeking federal investigations that she hope will lead to a retrial of the 1st time misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket.  Over two weeks ago she made a request to the DOD to verify whether or not Kline Preston and Stephen Preston are related  and whether or not Cal Vickers of NISSAN and Michael Vickers of the CIA are related.  

Sharyn had told Kline in Fall 2010 that she believed the Lockerbie cover up and Carlos Ghosn’s involvement is WHY the charges were trumped up against her.  

Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean had help “proof” brochures (attached) that Sharyn sent to members of congress in the summer of 2011 saying that Iran is responsible for blowing up the plane  & the NISSAN CEO is connected to ex Nixon era CIA that he met during his time at Michelin. 

In the UK official are contemplating hearings.   The truth of the Lockerbie crash might be told. Bovat will connect the dots to WHY she was maliciously prosecuted and NISSAN’s involvement.

Based on that Bovat would like the statue of limitations on the 1st charge extended...."


NISSAN Got 20 to a 100 Times More than ANY other company to relocated to Tennessee.... WHY?

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