Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Larry - Please Tell Me Your Not Mad at Me Like Al Gore..... I'm Trying to Make Nice.... Offered to Sell My Blogs to Al Jazeera.

Al Gore Richer Than Romney Thanks to Current TV Sale (Report)

Yahoo! News (blog)-1 hour ago
Thanks to the $500 million sale of his liberal news station Current TV to Al Jazeera this month, Gorenow has a personal fortune of $300 million, ...

FYI I blogged about Al Gore and the Prince of Qatar a LONG Time Ago.....

In October 2011 I Warned America & a LOT of people read that page on my blog.  Some from Qatar.  I have web stats.  They got "tweaked" whoever did it has POWER!!!

Sharyn Bovat Knew About Al Gore Driving the Green Fraud.... And She's Been Abused by NISSAN and the State of Tennessee.   Tennessee is #1 in Corruption.

The Mainsteam Media (Gannett) Knew About the Fraud and Did NOTHING!!!

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