Monday, January 28, 2013

Larry - My Friend Silverman is in Shock at Judges Decision. I Told HIm That's What Happens When the Media is Biased.

NISSAN Whistleblower Takes Expected Blow- It's NOT Over Grounds for Appeal- Video Message from Sharyn- She's STRONGER Than Before. Her "Ex" Lawyer Filed a Case Destined to Fail. Bovat Believes is Success and Respect for the Taxpayer

THe former editor of the Tennessean is in SHOCK.... He knew  i was "railroaded" I told him it's because YOU ignored the story.  Now companies like NISSAN can "get away" with wasting taxpayer money. The Williamson County community wanted me to lose.  My audi tape of motion hearing will be available soon.  I need to "move on " with my life  NISSAN knows what they did to me is wrong and I've got court documents that "someone" tampered with.  Having my file I can NOW prove I'm innocent.  It's a bitter sweet day.  Till later.... Sharyn.

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