Monday, January 21, 2013

Carlos Ghosn and Al Gore are "in a way" Connected to the KKK. ‘Hate A Minority/Save The Planet Carnival.’ People are Blogging About a Solar Farm with Federal Taxpayer Money in Pulaski Home of the KKK

 This a just a "few" of incoming Text messages I've received.  The Truth is getting exposed.
ALL that needs to happen is for Haley Barbour to RETIRE.  The Good Ole Boys need to STOP
messing with peoples lives

The Future Of The Green KKK

As the organization rolls on with the purchase of electric cars, efforts have also been ramped up to include solar panels on houses and other things. Tennesseans can expect to see a more determined effort by the KKK as their process to change their image continues.

Imperial Wizard Jay Byrd appreciates his environment and he wants all Americans to appreciate it as well, saying, “We’re not just stoppin’ with electric cars. We’re changin’ our light bulbs, houses…we’re changin’ everything. This is about our organization’s ability to conduct our business in a much more environmentally friendly way. Hell, next week we’re gonna have a ‘Hate A Minority/Save The Planet Carnival.’ Everyone’s invited to attend. Well, everyone except the darkies, kikes and Tea Partiers. It’s gonna be fun for all. It’s all about the future! And the KKK is here to say, ‘Yes…we can!’”

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