Sunday, April 21, 2013

Larry- I've Notice Google Selects What "Floats to the Top".... Do YOU Want the Drone Program to Continue "As It" ? Something Needs to Change at the CIA. I Think John Brennan is Good - Mainly Because None of my Sources Have Said Differently. The Issue is the Foundation of American Foreign Policy Needs an Overhaul. Is Google Taking Sides?

Everyday somewhere in the Middle East is another Day at the Boston Marathon.... Sometimes America responsible.  That will never be written about in the mainstream media.   I was told in the late 80's "America never apologizes that's what foreign aid is for"

I found this on the internet.... it's well known "outside" of America that American drones have killed children. Some of the parents of these children have vowed revenge on those that killed their babies. That means that America has to be on alert.
The question is do we CONTINUE a drone program that kills civillians?  How much foregin aid are we as a nation going to have to pay in the future?  Is the foreign aid used for weapons?  Are those weapons used "against" America?  

Maybe a victim in Boston can be in the inspiration for new legislation about drone use?

Still i know Drones serve a purpose and they save the lives out our troops.  There MUST be a balance.  

International Herald Tribune & NY Times
HONG KONG — American drones have launched five airstrikes in the past five days in the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The latest attack — carried out Tuesday in North Waziristan by a pair of American drones — killed five suspected militants. The incident was barely mentioned in the U.S. media.

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