Thursday, February 14, 2013

Larry - Check This Out.... It Shows Tony Blair "did well" with the Lockerbie Cover Up... I Can Connect Carlos Ghosn to Sarkozy... Did Gaddafi Fund Sarkozy's Election? I Think So....


Please look at the below... snippet of an email.  

FYI- I have an email from a person in the UK offering me a "safe" place to stay in Scotland BUT did not have a safe place for me to stay in London.
It' really does not matter because recently I was told that I should not travel outside the USA because of safety issues. I'm scared.   "this" has got to get resolved.

The Libyan man Moussa Koussa in Qatar will know about "who" did the Lockerbie bombing.  The British let him safely travel to Qatar to live for a while in a "Four Season's" hotel. 

It was relayed to me that the Al Gore sell to Al Jazeera is connected.  Sarkozy is connected to "arms dealers" that are connected to the cover up and Sarkozy is connected to Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO.

Can "someone" investigate?  

The Lockerbie families deserve the truth. 

Sharyn Bovat

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