Thursday, March 28, 2013

Larry - Can YOU Look into This? Yes I Know that Lamar Helps OUt Your Cause. Still a Healthy Society Matters. I Think YOU Understand that YOU Have the Power to Help Cleam UP the World from Corruption. Sir - You Can be a Hero!!!

People email me who want society to get healthy

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Thanks Sharyn. I know TVA is evil and the good ole boy crap is alive and working here in TN, lived here all my life. I don’t care for Alexander, Corker (who is in their hip pocket), or any of the rest, don’t trust them either. I have  friend, *********************************** Guess we won’t be friends any more after he sees the info I’ve collected, dirty is dirty. Nissan I have heard is crooked too, as are most multinational corporations, I worked for **********************************so I have seen more than my share. Bankrupt or in debt, that is the plan and how Goldman Sachs, WB, & IMF get control of nations. Now they are in my backyard and after friends and good people’s tax money and property, people that can’t afford to fight back.********************* I’ll be damned if I will stand silent and watch them take these people’s homes without trying to help. I got word out to *****************, and a few others. I am neither party, from where I stand I see no difference in the 3.
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Your right about the TVA - the former Tennessean editor said their "worse" than Nissan. Then a former head of TVA mike Duncan confirmed to me a cronyism problem. (I was able to talk to him at CPAC in 2012) Evidently lots of kickback- no bid type contracts.  You should ask Lamar Alexander for an audit....  I'm a republican but with Senators like him well go bankrupt as a nation  twice as fast.
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  Ok, you are either crazy or pissed. Personally I think you are pissed. I scanned your website and it is hard to tell, but you seem to have some info on a lot of things. I need to ask you what you know about these Megasites TVA is building. Whos who and whats what. I know it is something wrong going on.

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