Monday, September 10, 2012

Larry Page Do the Lockerbie Families Deserve RESPECT?

Message to Reince Priebus

To the Happy Cold War Profiteer Crony Capitalist .... Average America is Suffering:

The people with dead children want the TRUTH!!   Why the **** can't YOU give it to them?

Mitt Romney seems to have a staff that wants the truth about Iran Contra - Sal Russo- Foster Friess -
The Lockerbie Crash Cover UP ... NOT Exposed.  

Why does the campaign allow for the "continued" cover up?

Why did his Staff allow for his picture to be taken in a FRENCH EV that's funded by Iranian Sympathizers?

It's amazing how "some people" that lost loved ones have the gall to want to know the truth?  

HELLO  time for HUMANITY!!!

OMG!! These people lost family members in 1988 and have had "mind" games played on them for ALMOST 25 years.  It's PATHETIC!!!

Why did the Treasury bank fund a foreign company to build a car with outdated technology?  Why did the OBAMA BUNDLER that reviewed the Dept. of Energy Loan for OVER 1 Billion approve that the collateral for the loan was an American Taxpayer backed IDB bond?  When "no" real financial institution would fund the NISSAN Leaf... The Treasury bank did.  Why? 

The mainstream media Gannett KNEW this and let 2 Federal budget pass.  WHY?
Why does Gannett NOT report the 1 Billion of Dept. of Energy fraud.  

Why is my blood pressure almost 170.

It's because America is CORRUPT to the politicians of BOTH parties?  

I'm sad.... I thought Romney would "speak up" about what is morally right INSTEAD he's aligned with the "scum" that has profiteered. Too many deals to get the nomination? 

My child's father "lost" his job with "no valid reason" after I did some blogging about Bloomberg dealing with NISSAN. I'm quite sure it was "retaliation"  her dad worked for a BIG Obama donor. It was done to "silence me" ... didn't work.

The Tisch Family has profited from the " Cold War CIA Crony Capitalism"
Jonathan Tisch I'm LOUDER.. You're a friend Michael Bloomberg does business with NISSAN and NISSAN does business in IRAN. I've got web stats that show that things were done to harass me via the person that supports my child. 

Get This...I did not know that he had documented that the Crony Hotel Capitalist that "fund OBAMA" that fired him ignored labor laws ....  I'm NOW pushing him to fight for the hourly workers that "he tried to stand up for"  ..... it's sad... It's BeLoew expectations too.  

What's the deal with Bloomberg he's "tough on soda "but cares NOTHING about Terrorist. 

Tomorrow is 9-11.  Hello.... Who cares if the EV is "gas free" when the battery technology goes to our enemy (IRAN) and they put it in their missiles to make them go farther are
more accurate. Guess Bloomberg want NISSAN to be profitable to "aid the enemy"

The New NISSAN (1 Billion dollar Contract) NYC taxi's fuel Terrorism.  The Taxi will be built in MEXICO....  IT's OK that jobs will not be created because Bloomberg's buddy Carlos Ghosn who did deals with Iran during Iran Contra and helped with the Lockerbie cover up get to make a lot of money and "stash" most of the  American cash in Bermuda, Aruba, Macao, Switzerland, etc.

A guy who lost his legs in Afghanistan wants me to succeed.  My added energy comes from him.

Do you people ever go to Disneyworld?  The park is loaded with Larks that transport our Heroes without limbs.  

It's time Average America got RESPECT.

Y'all this "Mama Hawk" is mad.  

God Bless America!!


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Sharyn Bovat

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