Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NISSAN Whistleblower Reaches Out to Larry Page: Sharyn Bovat Asks Larry Page ... Does Google RESPECT Republicans?

Google and Gannett are Hurting FREEDOM of SPEECH....!/2012/04/bob-dickey-my-website-gannett-mcnews.html

Nissan I Can PROVE That People in the Middle East who need America to be dependent on OIL are "deeply" rooted with Nissan executives. NISSAN was the first foreign company to get FEDERAL money from the Treasury bank and the Lebanese born CEO Carlos Ghosn got it from the Obama administration:

NISSAN does business in IRAN.

NISSAN is using OUTDATED technology to make the Electric Leaf.  The Volt is much more sophisticated.

ALL the information about the DOE fraud in on my websites and NOW Google has "misplaced them" on their search engines.

Mark Silverman of Gannett
is a friend of mine and today he said "it's probably the work of a lone wolf".... Well WHO Hired the wolf? and Why does Google NOT solve the problem. All bloggers should have the right to FREEDOM of speech a "lone wolf" at Google should not decide to "push down" my websites.   If someone knows someone at Google PLEASE call them.  Thank you!

FYI- Google is a BIG donor to the Obama Campaign...maybe the two "O's" in Google represent that they only let websites appear in search results that favor ONLY OBAMA... If it's true then it's sad.   The internet is supposed to be a "voice" for average people.

The False Flag Operation being done to the American taxpayer is REAL

A while ago I got a call from  Washington State and learned they could get a Republican Governor and ROMNEY could win the state and the DOE fraud is what's gonna turn those voters in the center to the RIGHT

OMG! Oregon paid over 100k for EV fast chargers and the level 3 part ONLY works on Japanese cars.

Warren Buffet does NOT want his legacy attached to a company (NISSAN) that is led by a man connected those in the world that are war mongers. I can prove that Obama has the some of the "same" group of friends as George W. Bush. Romney has some of the "same" friends as George W. Bush too . The DIFFERENCE is Moderates stayed away from the republican party mainly due to the "RNC good ole boy war profiteers" Since I know WHO the GLOBAL war mongers are... And can prove their connected to people that FINANCIALLY support Obama and people in the Middle East "played with our stock market" and made a LOT of money during Obama's green binge Some are "friends of Sarkozy."   Good News to GOPsters...  The ONLY politician I need mention when I "connect Obama to the war mongers is Haley Barbour..."   NOBODY else will have to worry. His approval rating amongst moderate women is hovering at 9%..... and they are the independent women that have NEVER heard of him.     Mr. Romney....Keep your distance from Mr. Barbour....  thanks :):)

The French people are "fed up" with their Good Ole Boys too.

"In the case of a runoff—if no candidate secures 50% of the votes in the first round—Mr. Hollande would beat Mr. Sarkozy 57% to 43%, the pollster said. Mr. Hollande gained three percentage points from the previous poll...."  Wall Street Journal

Some people call the war profiteers patriots..... And i will agree with them for I'm part of that "family" and no matter what I say I put America First. I'm loyal my country. Patriot's "raised me" so when I say I'm a Hawk with a Heart I truly define the words.

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