Friday, July 12, 2013

Is Google Protecting Liz Cheney Or Does Larry Page & the Google Sensors NOT Understand the Artistic Use of Cropping?

When "just" google'ing' Liz Cheney or Liz Cheney Senate It's in the top 10 for the last 24 hours 
BUT the photo is MIA?  Why?  

  1. Voice of a GOP Moderate: Cato Institute Correct: Liz Cheney Senate ...

    1 day ago - A Liz Cheney candidacy might be a political disaster for a movement that's increasingly unpopular and bereft of ideas..SOURCE: CATO INSTITUTE 2013-07 -09 ...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sharyn's Life as a the Beta Fish of Franklin is OVER.... Popular Post from Past is About the Mainstream Media..... Larry Got Any Jobs at Google?

The below link got a lot of attention recently: It's about the mainstream media &  is about "Conflict of Interest"...

My life as a Beta fish in Franklin Tennessee is OVER.  

Thank you to those that helped.

A Tennessean Reporter said the state was a "house of cards"...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Larry PTSD is Real & It's Just an Anxiety Disorder BUT It Needs to Be Addressed Too Many People Tell Me Their Horror Stories Because I Publicly Admitted to Having PTSD. I Know The Cure Comes From Within Still It Would Be Nice to See the Mainstream Media Explain "What It Really Is".... People Do NOT Understand The Issue.

I have court transcripts that show NISSAN knew of my PTSD and Rob Trayham ridiculed me for saying I had it.  The fact is when he did that he was belittling something that's very real.  Shame on him for lacking "respect".... I will scan the court transcript and people can be the judge.  It's time for RESPECT for all Americans - especially those of us that got PTSD from doing things that were done for the "greater good"....

I just Emailed Henry Kissinger to Ask Him to Answer Kline Preston's ...
Apr 10, 2013 – I just Emailed Henry Kissinger to Ask Him to Answer Kline Preston's Interrogatory
 Question About Operation Condor. Someone Tell Michael ...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Larry- I've Notice Google Selects What "Floats to the Top".... Do YOU Want the Drone Program to Continue "As It" ? Something Needs to Change at the CIA. I Think John Brennan is Good - Mainly Because None of my Sources Have Said Differently. The Issue is the Foundation of American Foreign Policy Needs an Overhaul. Is Google Taking Sides?

Everyday somewhere in the Middle East is another Day at the Boston Marathon.... Sometimes America responsible.  That will never be written about in the mainstream media.   I was told in the late 80's "America never apologizes that's what foreign aid is for"

I found this on the internet.... it's well known "outside" of America that American drones have killed children. Some of the parents of these children have vowed revenge on those that killed their babies. That means that America has to be on alert.
The question is do we CONTINUE a drone program that kills civillians?  How much foregin aid are we as a nation going to have to pay in the future?  Is the foreign aid used for weapons?  Are those weapons used "against" America?  

Maybe a victim in Boston can be in the inspiration for new legislation about drone use?

Still i know Drones serve a purpose and they save the lives out our troops.  There MUST be a balance.  

International Herald Tribune & NY Times
HONG KONG — American drones have launched five airstrikes in the past five days in the tribal areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The latest attack — carried out Tuesday in North Waziristan by a pair of American drones — killed five suspected militants. The incident was barely mentioned in the U.S. media.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Larry Page & Google - I Heard That Google is Hurting My Reputation on Purpose Why?

Larry Page

All I'm doing using my rights as an American to speak.
Why is Google doing this. It was done AFTER I made a formal complaint to the CIA.
Also it was relayed to me that some at the CIA are mad that I've exposed issues involving contractors.
Some people in the IC "like" the fact I'm exposing problems.  It will make America healthy.

Please STOP what your doing to me.

Thank you!


Larry - Why Would a Guy That Owns LOTS of Gas Stations Want the EV to Succeed? My Guess is the Haslam Family did NOT Want it to Succeed....

Last year, the company reported $29.2 billion in sales. Forbes magazine last year ranked it as the sixth-largest privately held company in the U.S.

I think BOTH republicans and democrats have abused America.  The issue is WHO is gonna get the blame for the bad spendingLamar Alexander looks a bit guilty of cronyism.. OMG! He took in over a million in the last 3 months and says he does NOT want to privatized the TVA.  The TVA is filled with Good Ole Boy cronyism.  Too much money on kickbacks via contract with companies that don't have to bid competitively.  Someone really should investigate?All I'm doing is telling the Treasury the TRUTH. They are the people that PROTECT the Taxpayers & after the recent Haslam FBI raid I think their doing a good job.

 Last year, the 
company reported $29.2 billion in sales. Forbes magazine last year ranked it as the sixth-largest privately held company in the U.S.

The Tennessee Governor who controls the judges that bullied me family owns LOTS of gas stations... Almost 30 billion in sales last year. 
 I was told that the premature launch of the EV was to keep America dependent on foreign oil.  The launch was done so poorly (no charging standards, outdated technology & companies the built "drone parts" built NISSAN's in home chargers.  One company could have made the  chargers that are basically the same as a dryer electric system for ONLY $500 BUT NISSAN opted to partner with a DOD company  and price them at $2000 +/- EV owners are bright and they "saw" the rip off.  EV owners have told me facts because their mad.  They like me want American energy independence.  

I'm asking for the Treasury to investigate.  Too much money given by the Federal Financing bank and too many DOE loans.  Thank you
FYI- heard the UK government gave almost 500UK pounds to the EV and lots of that money is in the off shore accounts of Blairs "friends"   someone should look into that?  Sarkozy used his connections to arms dealers and they too profited from energy companies and some large financial institutions and media outlets provided the propaganda.  This type of jaded reporting must end.   It's time with a new era and that starts with the Lockerbie Truth.

I'm sorry to Mr. Stanbrook.   I know your family is "connected" with the mainstream media. PLEASE Sir be the one to tell them it's time they simply reported the news as they "really" see it to be. 

TIme for Transparency!!


Who beside the Middle East POWER BROKERS would NOT want the electric car to succeed?

Maybe the family that owns all the gas stations?

Pilot Travel Centers LLC. doing business as Pilot Flying J, is a chain of truck stops in the United States and Canada. The company is based in Knoxville, Tennessee where Pilot Corporation, the majority owner, is based. The company is owned by Pilot, FJ Management Inc., and CVC Capital Partners. The company operates truck stops under the Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J Travel Plaza brands.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A day after the FBI locked down the Knoxville, Tenn., headquarters of Pilot Flying J, the multibillion-dollar truck stop company owned by the family of Gov. Bill Haslam, his brother downplayed the raid.......     Will the Haslam family hire more lawyers or Lobbyist to get out of this one?

Governor Haslam's administration KNEW the NISSAN Leaf was "built to fail" and they did NOT stop the Tennessee taxpayer money going to NISSAN.  Governor Haslam appointed a judge named Jeff Bivins he KNEW was going to protect NISSAN to the court of appeals. That is my belief and I would like it investigated. I've suffered 3 arrest, humiliation and bullying.  NISSAN does business in IRAN and Governor Haslam and NOT done anything about taxpayer money fueling terrorism. Why?

 Last year, the company reported $29.2 billion in sales. Forbes magazine last year ranked it as the sixth-largest privately held company in the U.S.

Lockerbie profiteers connected to oil industry.... OK everyone knew that. Why has the United Nations not addressed the issue? I thought the UN demanded that Libya bring the suspect to them for questioning immediately- what has happened?

  1. UN Judicial Observer Found Lockerbie Trial a Miscarriage of Justice

    Sep 6, 2009 – ... international observer of the International Progress Organization, nominated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, at the Lockerbie ...
  2. UN Claims Lockerbie Trial Was Rigged - Common Dreams

    Apr 8, 2001 – THE United Nations has savaged the Crown Office's handling of theLockerbie trial claiming the outcome was rigged through the unfair ...